About BCS


Bird Control Services Inc. (BCS) president Rita Watermann leads a team of team of licensed falconers, trappers, biologists and wildlife managers providing effective bird control.

BCS offers humane solutions for problem wildlife. BCS has evolved from Bird Control International Inc (BCI) founded by Ulrich Watermann. Since 1970, BCI has specialized in serving airports, industry, conservation areas, municipalities, cities, hospitals, landfills and shopping complexes.

BCS falconer Ulrich Watermann pioneered the Falconry and Trapping program at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. He has implemented the bird and wildlife control programs at John F. Kennedy Airport, Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Ontario and the McConnell AFB in Kansas. The BCS team also has licensed trappers including a trapper who holds world records in bird trapping and banding. Years of careful testing and trials of various control methods in combination with the most effective bird scare devices and humane trapping methods engineered by BCS have solved nuisance bird problems for hundreds of satisfied customers.

BCS is also one of North America’s largest raptor breeders. Quality birds of prey of various species are produced at this facility.