Our team of licensed falconers, trappers, biologists and wildlife managers provide expert services in:



Bird Control Services Inc. (BCS)  has evolved from Bird Control International Inc., the pioneer in Airport wildlife management since 1970.

To date, no other bird control firm can match our effectiveness in controlling large bird populations. Our main method of control involves the use of a modified version of the ancient art of falconry in which trained birds of prey are used to control unwanted birds. Falconry, as well as pyrotechnics, distress and alarm calls, live  trapping and relocation are the most effective way to disperse birds when used as part of a comprehensive wildlife management program.


BCS provides effective bird control for landfill sites. Many companies use pyrotechnics and live shot as their main control method. Not only is this method ineffective, it can result in constant complaints from neighbours, employees, and customers. Through the use of our methods we ensure that the use of pyrotechnics is limited and in most cases the use of live shot is not required at all. At the same time we are able to keep your land fill site free of gulls.

Bird and Wildlife Abatement Solutions

Customized falconry services.

Egg/Nest removal.

Exclusion product installation (netting,spikes,kites).

Live trapping and banding.

Laser installations.

Relocation services.

Pest control consultation and licensed technicians.

Pigeon Trapping

There are many diseases caused by pigeon droppings. BCS has flexible programs to trap and remove pigeons from your establishment. Our competitive rates have remained the same for the past decade for our pigeon trapping service.


Through the use of our specially developed techniques we have helped fruit, berry, and grape growers reduce their losses due to birds by up to 90%.

We can also assist you in greatly reducing your losses due to mammals.

Bird Trapping

Our bird trappers are some of the most experienced in the world; having trapped over 300,000 birds, encompassing over 230 species of birds.

We have trapped birds for banding, radio and satellite telemetry studies, lab studies, and for removal and relocation programs.

BCS’s methods have been carefully developed over the years for maximum effectiveness, while at the same time being humane and environmentally friendly.

Mammal Control

Through the use of a comprehensive live trapping program we can help reduce your problems due to large and small mammals.

Media Services

Our birds of prey have appeared in a number of major motion pictures, television shows and commercials, print ads and articles.

Our birds have long been admired for their exceptional beauty. Some of the world’s most renowned wildlife artists; including Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders, and Richard Mravik have painted our birds.

Flight Demonstrations

We also have extensive experience in giving free flight demonstrations to large crowds at trade show and fairs.

Consulting Services

Direction with Federal and provincial laws pertaining to wildlife.

Species-at-risk I.D and relevant laws.

Site risk assessments including bird/wildlife  strike hazards.

Wildlife surveys.

Integrated solutions plans for wildlife management.

Habitat modification.

Raptor Breeding

In addition to operating one of the world’s largest raptor breeding facilities near Simcoe Ontario, we are involved in breeding co-operatives in Europe and the United States.

We have an extensive collection of birds of prey. Some of the species in our collection include:

  • Gyrfalcons (white, black, and gray phases)
  • Peregrine Falcons (anatum, scottish, peales)
  • Saker Falcons
  • Harris’ Hawks
  • Goshawks
  • Golden Eagles
  • Bald Eagles