“The number of multiple gull strikes declined by 100%.”

“The number of gulls struck in pilot-reported incidents declined by over 80%”

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey


…the program has remained 100% successful.”

The Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


“The population of pigeons is now 10% of what it was.”

Bramalea City Centre

“Bird Control International performed in an excellent manner. This contract was the first within the Air Mobility Command (AMC) and sets a standard for a number of bases in the AMC.”

US Department of the Air Force

“For your information the program is successful far beyond what we had believed possible.”

 National Defense, CFB Trenton
Major R.A. Dodd, Base Flight Safety Officer

Pigeon droppings pose a significant health risk to hospital environments. Since contracting with BCS approximately 12 years ago, our facility has been maintained virtually pigeon free. I am fully satisfied with their expertise, the service they offer, the discreeet manner of bird removal from the facility and their concern in relocating all birds in a humane fashion. I would highly recommend BCS as the leader in bird control around facilities.

Bill Grant
Facilities Director, Bridgepoint Health Centre, Toronto Ontario